Specializing in robotics and automation of industrial equipment and processes, FIRAC Slovensko, a subsidiary of the SNEF Group, designs and deploys flexible, scalable and intelligent technical solutions (production lines, robotics, test benches).

Company policy

Vision and mission

Company FIRAC Slovensko is a subsidiary of the SNEF Group. Our common vision and mission is to contribute to technological innovations in building the "factory of the future" and "tomorrow's industry". This strategic vision includes solutions to optimize production performance from an economic and energy perspective.

Our policy

  • 100% compliance with customer requirements for product quality
  • Create a long-term and promising customer relationship
  • Personal involvement of the management of FIRAC Slovensko on the day-to-day functioning of processes related to quality, environment and safety at work.
  • Creating a creative, safe and ergonomic work environment for employees that will help reduce stress and routine.
  • Increasing the qualification and substitutability of employees.
  • Production of products with a sustained increase in the proportion of reusable components after the life cycle.
  • Improvement of logistics processes to reduce the amount of one-off packaging materials.
  • Creating conditions for the best separation of waste components and proper management of hazardous substances and wastes.
  • Raising the awareness of our employees and external partners about the importance of quality, safety, waste separation and conservation of resources.
  • Monitoring of environmental and safety legislation and timely and effective fulfillment of all resulting obligations.
  • Gradual and continuous improvement of the management system based on data analysis, employee engagement and management support.

Your challenges

FIRAC Slovensko a subsidiary of the SNEF Group

FIRAC Slovensko a subsidiary of the SNEF Group

In recent years, the digitalization of our society has become global, collaborative, mobile and connected. Big data, IoT, cobotics are all technologies that drive new competitive dynamics and new business models. To cope with this digital wave and to be a player in the fourth industrial revolution that is taking place, innovation and technological excellence have become strategic levers for companies. Two essential components to meet the needs for optimization of performance (economic and energy), traceability and ergonomic improvement of workstations in an ever more competitive ecosystem.

In this dynamic, FIRAC Slovensko has set up research and technological experimentation partnerships with CEA Tech, the IRT, the Future vehicle and other actors to develop the Factory of the Future and prepare the industry of tomorrow.

Our solutions

Discover all our tailor-made solutions

Integrator assembler and Turn Key
Integrator assembler
and Turn Key

Know-how at all stages: pre-projects, design and studies, testing, commissioning, support, training and maintenance;

A local and personalized service in Slovakia and abroad;

Industrial expertise combined with the power of a large Group.

Innovative, reliable and approved by our customers
Innovative, reliable and approved by our customers

Intuitive and rapidly deployable technologies on all industrial processes;

Innovations with increased performances, combining security and safety;

New technologies at the service of the overall performance of industrial sites.

Global and customized solutions
Global and customized

Studies & Design: Consulting, Expertise, Know-how, Innovation & Certification;

Realization & Installation: Performance, Warranties & Quality Safety Environment;

ASupport: Services.

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Excellence, innovation, expertise, proximity



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